Monday, June 2, 2014

Weeds? There's no such thing

Milkweed grows freely in Marshall Hinsley's North Texas corn crop.
There really are no such things as weeds. There are only plants that are growing where we don't want them to.

Industrial ag's war on non-crop plants has decimated biodiversity and the wildlife that depends on having access to a wide variety of native flora. GMO crops with their programs of frequent herbicidal treatments have sterilized the majority of cropland in the U.S.

One victim of the practice of dousing fields with herbicides over and over is the monarch butterfly. With no milkweed left in corn farmland to host the larvae of monarch butterflies, this species has dwindled and is on its way to extinction.

A farmer in Texas has a novel approach to farming without ruining the earth. His approach to weeds is simply to change the way he feels about them. Rather than seeing them as competitors that need to be eradicated, he appreciates them for how they can actually help his crops to flourish.

Read his story in this article at Dallas Culture Map.

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