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Fall cuttings can increase your landscaping and garden plants indefinitely

Fall is the time to root cuttings from rosebushes and trees.

Not only can you save money on landscaping plants by propagating them yourself, you can also propagate native plants that aren't found at garden centers.

Read how gardening Novice Marshall Hinsley had success with cuttings in this article.

FROST ALERT: Arctic blast returns November 11, 2014

Frost is forecast to hit the northern half of Texas by mid-week this week. Brief dips toward freezing don't need to be the end of your garden. Frost blankets are the key to your frost-protection strategy.
Read this article for a few tips on keeping your prized tomatoes, peppers or other warm season crops going through the chilly weather.

Farmer sees little difference without insecticides

Texas farmer Marshall Hinsley kicked the pesticide habit this year and found out they're useless anyway.

Read his story at Dallas Culture Map.