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How one Texas grower is inching toward the next wave of crop production

Sustainable food production is dependent on being close to its market. But, crops grow in seasons, which makes year-round access to a wide variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables impossible in most climates — unless we take the crops indoors and control their environment.

Marshall Hinsley experimented with indoor crop production in early 2014, and here's his take on the results:

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Seedlings Part 3: The final step of transplanting

The final step in the process of growing seedlings from seed comes for a North Texas farmer: transplanting.

Find out how he preps them for the transition, how to give tomatoes a foundation for success and how to keep everything safe from pests in this article.

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A crop no garden should be without: onions

You may not have eaten a beet in a year, and who knows when you last had purslane. Onions, though, were almost certainly a part of your meal last night.

Marshall Hinsley shares how he and his father grow hundreds of pounds of onions each year on their farm south of Waxahachie.

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Texas entrepreneur sets out to rescue 1 in 10 homes from chemical abuse

Heather Rinaldi of Texas Worm Ranch says microbes, not chemicals, are the answer to what ails your lawn or garden.

In this article, Marshall Hinsley shares Rinaldi's secret for growing thriving plants and having a pest-free yard, organically.

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Texas farmer concedes defeat to potatoes, tries again

After failing for several years, a North Texas farner redoubles his effort to grow a successful potato crop.

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Bokashi: the eco-friendlier, less toilsome, faster way to compost.

Bokashi composting delivers on its many promises. From being an easier, low- to no-odor way of composting to helping gardeners reduce their carbon footprint, bokashi composting may be the ultimate way to recover kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Find out more and learn how you can start your own bokashi compost system with 2 buckets, a lid and a handful of bokashi bran.

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