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Plant garlic now, or wish you had later

Garlic is easy to grow, but it does take patience. In Texas, we can start planting garlic in fall for a harvest the following summer.

If you've never planted garlic before, you may want to take a look at this brief look at how one Texas farmer got into the garlic scene. Read article >>

Fall planting and backup crops help North Texas farmer through winter

Texas gardeners can harvest their own food year-round. Cool season plants and backup plants in a greenhouse help one North Texas farmer eat from his own organic crops throughout the year.

Skunk Quiz

It's 4 PM and this momma skunk with her 4 babies (trust me, I counted 'em) are eating discarded cat food in front of a large building near where I live. I took this photo only 4 feet away from them.

They are (choose the best answers):
A -- RABID! No skunks come out in the middle of the day. They are nocturnal creatures and should be shot if they are seen before absolute darkness.

B -- Hungry, hot and yielding to the temptation to cast off their human label of nocturnal creatures so that they can get that cat food before the ants take it over.

C -- Frequent collaborators in my garden where I see them everyday starting at about 5 PM onward (again, we call them nocturnal; they don't know what "nocturnal" means).

D -- Getting used to me and my cats. Everyone just let's everyone else live and let live. It's our policy, and the wild creatures reciprocate.

If you chose A, you're a moron. Get educated and stop killing wildlife just because you do…

How nature can rescue us if we are patient

Squash bugs destroyed Marshall Hinsley's squash crops several years in a row, leaving no squash to harvest.

Then one year when he gave squash one more time to produce, he encountered his best harvest ever and found only one squash bug every once in a while on his plants.

He used no pesticides and could not account for the change in fortune, until one evening ... .

Find out the secret to his success here: Dallas Culture Map article.

Israeli Melons: Perhaps the Sweetest Melon on Earth

A grower of Hales' Best Jumbo melons for several decades, writer/farmer Marshall Hinsley finds a melon to beat all: Israeli melons.

Find out what's so special about them in this article on Dallas Culture Map.

A Crossroads in the Garden and in Life

Few activities are more essential to living than producing one's own food. Somehow, these rudimentary pursuits are often full of metaphors for life in general.

Writer/farmer Marshall Hinsley finds such a metaphor in his late summer garden: see full article at Dallas Culture Map.