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Farmer decides to take his crops indoors, grow hydroponically

Weeds, pests, heat, drought, freezes, winds and downpours all damage crops and make farming a gamble. Why we still grow our food outdoors the same way our ancestors did 10,000 years is a mystery.

Almost nothing else we humans do even slightly resembles the way our ancient grandparents worked and carried out life.

We eat, live and sleep in climate controlled settings, most of us work in offices where the thermometer keeps us toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. We only go outdoors when we want to.

So, why do we persist to grow our food in the uncertainties of the open air? Indoor, hydroponic farms are cropping up all over the world, and one North Texas farmer says he's had enough of the challenges of outdated farming methods; he's taking his growing operation indoors.

Find out more about his plans in this article at CultureMap Dallas.

5 Christmas gift ideas for the urban farmer in your life

Because growing your own grub has caught on in a big way, you likely know someone who's spending an increasing amount of time outdoors, in the soil, growing food crops and getting healthier every day for it.

If so, and that urban farmer is someone you've got on your Christmas shopping list, then you have one easy gift receiver to buy for. Gardeners just can't get enough of all the tools and specialty items that prop of their activities.

This list from CultureMap Dallas is your way to scratch off the urban farmer in your life off of your shopping agenda.