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How long do seeds last?

Some seeds last for years if stored right, and others last barely a season no matter what.

Knowing which seeds you can keep planting even after the year they're packed for can save you money. And knowing which you'll need to buy fresh will keep you from being frustrated by low germination rates.

Texas farmer Marshall Hinsley shares his list of life expectancy for seeds in this post to Dallas Culture Map.

Never be discouraged

Whether you're starting seeds indoors or already into the growing season outside, problems are just part of gardening, and sooner or later you'll be hit by them.

Seasoned Texas grower Marshall Hinsley has started seeds indoors for most of his life, but this year he's failing miserably at it.

Find out what he suspects he did wrong and how you can avoid making the same mistakes in this article at Dallas Culture Map.

17 Crops to plant in North Texas in February

If you always wanted to start your own garden but haven't yet, now's the time to finally jump in. Texas farmer Marshall Hinsley shares a list of 17 crops you can plant now while the mornings are still chilly.

Read more at Dallas Culture Map

Soil moisture meter rescues Texas farmer's trees

Most gardeners test whether their plants need water by simply sticking their finger into the soil and feeling if the rootzone is dry, moist or wet.

Texas farmer Marshall Hinsley has always relied on such a simple method, until a couple of new potted citrus trees began to lose their leaves.

Desperate to get to the bottom of his trees' decline, he bought a soil moisture meter and was surprised by what he found.

Read his story at Culture Map Austin.