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City of Dallas Park and Recreation is Launching a Pollinator Conservation Program

(DALLAS) - The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department is launching a pollinator conservation program that will help the declining population of essential pollinators, including: bees, butterflies, birds, bats and moths.
The program was developed by the department’s Urban Biologist, Brett Johnson.

“The program will incorporate native, nectar-rich plants that will attract beneficial insects in select areas of our park system,” said Johnson. “We’re going to use our existing wildflower areas to develop a diverse plant community to support a wider range of pollinators with a minimal budget impact.”
Pollinators are needed to sustain a healthy ecosystem. Plant-based foods and other food sources are produced through pollination, providing food for human consumption as well as a diverse species of wildlife. 
Johnson says you too can help in the effort by planting a pollinator garden, complete with colorful, fragrant, native flowers.
“Pollinator gardens are the perfect addition to your yard b…